Hundreds of trading cards!

Malkyrs : Arenas of Eternity is a set of material scalable trading cards. Each card contains its own identity and can be customized after each game!

Malkyrs : Arenas of Eternity allows each player to create his own cards through material repository. It also gives you unique powerful champions with their own skill trees.

One can also combine cards to create powerful combos in order to destroy your opponent. Be careful though, your contender may not let you make it through!

Game intelligence at hand!

Malkyrs : Arenas of Eternity embed in each card of the game an innovative technology allowing this one to be unique! Secured, so one can not steal your treasure from you, each card is designed to evolve depending on how you play it.

Many adventures to play!

Malkyrs : Arenas of Eternity is a persistent fantasy world. Come and collaborate with our authors and illustrators in order to influence the events happening in the universe. Be careful though, many are summoned but just a few is granted the honor to watch their creations travel the arenas of the Isle of Brenn.

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